Autism Test


Brainworks LLC provides experienced ADOS testing and autism assessments at our facility in Coppell for:

  • Autism Test

  • Autism Diagnosis
  • Spectrum Disorders
  • Developmental Levels

  • Language Skills

  • And More…

Why Parents Are Choosing Brainworks…

The professionally licensed diagnosticians at Brainworks LLC have a tremendous amount of experience working with parents and school districts in North Texas to provide accurate testing and diagnosis for a wide range of learning challenges and personality disorders. We also advocate for families in need of 504 accommodations by working with the school districts and joining the meetings. This high touch service includes:

  • Zooming into 504 meetings & ARD meetings
  • Parent education and coaching, including an explanation of reports, how to understand results and up to date changes that the state of Texas makes regarding testing and diagnostic processes.
Parents’ Guide to ARD (English)
Dyslexia Handbook
Parents’ Guide to ARD (Spanish)
Procedural Safeguards

ADOS Testing for Autism

Certified Spectrum Disorder Testing, Autism Tests, Diagnosis, and Solutions

If your are concerned your child may be displaying characteristics of autism or a spectrum disorder, the multidisciplinary team of psychologists and diagnosticians at Brainworks LLC can help. Brainworks offers certified ADOS testing, evaluations, and reports, that are crucial for proper autism diagnosis and in order for your child to receive the support and resources they need from their school district.

Our care and support for families dealing with autism and spectrum disorders doesn’t end once the ADOS test is complete. We’ll also walk with you through the process of meeting with the school district officials, explaining the evaluation and reporting, and providing care and therapy for your family.

  • Autism Test

  • Certified ADOS Testing

  • Licensed Professional Counselors

  • Family Support & Therapy

  • Evaluation & Diagnosis

  • Support in Dealing with School District

  • Ongoing Support

Chief Diagnostician 

Lisa Helms, M.S. Ed.

Lisa earned her Master of Science Degree in Special Education, her post-master certificate as an educational diagnostician, and her undergraduate degree from Texas A&M-Commerce. She has over 20 years of experience working in education, first as a teacher and later as an educational diagnostician. She has experience assessing people as young as 2 to 85 years old, but most of her experience has been in the educational setting. She is experienced in cognitive, academic, and behavioral psychological assessments. While performing assessments she looks for Specific Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, Intellectual Disability, and Other Health Impairments such as ADHD. She also enjoys working as a part of a multi-disciplinary team diagnosing Autism and looking at the educational implications that a student may encounter. She enjoys figuring out the unique aspects of students’ brains in order to help them develop the best individualized education plan possible for each one. Experienced in understanding educational law pertaining to special education and section 504, she is a strong ally for students and their families advocating for doing what is best for the student. She has worked as a house parent and has fostered over 50 children in the past ten years, she also fosters dogs with Austin Bulldog Rescue, where she fostered and adopted her English Bulldog Sally. She is a mother and a grandmother who enjoys dancing and singing. She even DJ’ed karaoke for over ten years.

Trusted by several school districts in North Texas to provide thorough dyslexia testing and accurate diagnosis for students that are experiencing learning challenges. If you believe your child could benefit from a proper dyslexia test, or if you’ve been waiting too long for the school district to provide 504 accommodations, please schedule a free consultation with one of our expert diagnosticians by completing the form below…