Personality Disorder Testing

Is your student in need of 504 plan resources and accommodations? The local school districts are backed up right now with 504 testing requests. WE CAN HELP! Our experienced diagnosticians will provide proper testing and evaluation and then work as your advocate when dealing with the school district to make sure your child gets the 504 accommodations and resources they deserve!

  • Careless mistakes or inattention to details

  • Trouble focusing on the task at hand

  • Struggling to listen when being spoken to

  • Not following instructions

  • Difficulty organizing and initiating tasks

  • Frequent Fidgets

  • Excessive talking and interrupting others

  • Has difficulty sitting still or always on the go

If your student is struggling with any combination of the above listed symptoms, they may be struggling with ADHD. They may also benefit from a formal evaluation with a mental health professional who can help the student, their parents and teachers understand how the student’s mind works so as to enhance their success at school academically and socially. Brainworks Assessments & Intervention Solutions provides a specialized ADHD testing service package that walks students and their parents through the whole evaluation process from start to finish. A staff member will even attend your family’s meeting with the school district to help advocate for the necessary accommodations. To learn more about ADHD testing in Arglye, hit the Request Appointment button below and one of our staff members will reach out to you!